Episode 27 - Introducing the Zend Expressive Essentials Book & Course

06/19/2017 , 2m, 43s

If you're getting a lot out of the Zend Expressive tutorials on Master Zend Framework, then you're going to love the new book and course that I'm creating!

That's right — in case you've not heard, I'm working on a new book and course called Zend Expressive Essentials. It will teach you the essentials that you need to know to build applications with Zend Expressive.

You won't be overwhelmed with loads of theory or every possible thing that you may need to know — just the essentials.

If you're keen to find out more, grab a warm (or cold) beverage and come listen and find out more about what's in store! I'd really appreciate it if you would please share your email address with me, so that I know that you're interested.

That way, I'll have even more incentive to make it the best book and course that I can possibly create.


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