Old Fashioned Redux

04/22/2017 , 3m

My first old fashioned whiskey cocktail was Midwest style — being mostly 7-Up and muddled fruit with Canadian Club. It seemed pretty good to me at the time. But my taste in cocktails has changed, and I'm always looking for the best old fashioned I can find.

This episode is just me making an old fashioned cocktail with Rittenhouse rye in a way I've come to really enjoy. It's probably not classic in that I'm recommending brown sugar, but the payoff is so good. I've also made this with a golden rum or, when I'm really feeling like flying in the face of tradition, Plantation Pineapple Rum.

It's all about taking your time and getting the dilution right. Give it a try.

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Off to Osaka Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License