5: Are You a Procrastinator or a Pre-Crastinator?

03/12/2016 , 3m, 1s

When we pre-crastinate, we get tasks out of the way very quickly, rather than waiting on them. I tend to pre-creastinate on more trivial tasks, while I continue to procrastinate on serious goals. Pre-crastination can ease our mental burdens and make us feel temporarily accomplished for having achieved a small goal. One potential way to harness the positive effects of pre-crastination is to break down our big goals (the ones we tend to procrastinate on) into smaller, manageable chunks. That way, we can still benefit from confidence boost of more frequent accomplishments while tricking ourselves into making progress on our real, procrastinatory goals.

Pre-Crastination: The Opposite of Procrastination by David A. Rosenbaum and Edward A. Wasserman for Scientific American

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